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About Residential Dog Training in Ireland

residential dog training

Many behaviourists state that dog training is essential especially when it comes to keeping them inside your residence. Many dog owners often resort to aggressive measures and strategies to make sure that their dog follows the rules they want him to follow. Aggressive measures have an impact on the behaviour of the dog as it might force him to become more aggressive or to become passive. Therefore, many residential dog training centres have been created globally that can help in training the dogs in a way that makes their behaviour acceptable in the eyes of their owners.


Common Mistakes Committed by Dog Owners that need to be avoided


The dog training programs can help the dog learn positive actions and behavioural elements from its interaction with the environment. It helps in changing and transforming the behaviour of the dog purposefully. Some of the common mistakes that owners of the dogs make are mentioned below:


  1. Owners try to influence the behaviour of the dogs through negative means rather than through positive reinforcement. Negative means would generate more problems and it might have an impact on the overall behaviour of the dog, A mix of both positive and negative aspects might also not be beneficial as it will confuse the dog that how his owner would react to a particular behaviour and whether he would be rewarded or punished.


  1. Moreover, most of the time the owner of the dogs make sure that the training sessions are long enough for the dog to remember. They wish that the dog learns the positive behaviour in one training session but what they fail to acknowledge is that the dog might easily get bored and hence he might not be able to retain the information that he has learned over the course of time.


  1. Dogs are created to interact with different people and surroundings at large hence a common mistake that is committed by the dog owners is that they tend to train their dog less than one place. They confine the training sessions within their household and if the location or the place changes the dog gets confused that how should he behave in that particular surrounding.


  1. The owners tend to reward their dogs with food only hence most of the times the dog behave in a positive manner only if the food is around. In order to make sure that the dog is on its best behaviour, one needs to make sure that the dog is rewarded with a variety of stuff like food, toys, or a simple praise.


  1. Apart from this, the owners often apply the same training sessions and practices on different breeds of dogs, which often hinders their learning capacities and capabilities. The owner should make sure that they have an idea that what kind of activities can motivate the breed of dog they own and what kind of measures are used for that particular breed in order to ensure that they learn the best. Owners need to be patient when it comes to training their dog. If one trick or technique of training is not working then this does not mean that nothing else would work. They should try out all the possible techniques that are available for training their dog.



  1. The common mistakes made by the owners often result in bad behaviour by the dogs hence a lot of residential dog training clubs and centres have been established in Ireland. They have the required knowledge and expertise that can help in training the dog according to the needs and preferences of their clients. The cost of residential dog training is also affordable and it varies according to the services and therapies that are being used to train the dog. Many centres in Ireland offer residential dog-training courses and the courses vary in terms of time. People who are wondering how to become a dog trainer can join puppy-training courses in Dublin or in Ireland.


Training Methods used to Train Dogs


The residential dog training programs involve a lot of therapies and training methods in order to train the dogs. But the most successful and useful ones are mentioned below:


Positive Reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement is the most commonly used training method that can help the dogs learn desirable behaviour. The owners of the dogs should reward their dogs when they do something positive, as that will reinforce the behaviour. If the behaviour is not positive then the reaction should not be aggressive in fact negative reinforcement should be used to help the dogs understand that the behaviour or action was not the desirable one. Negative reinforcement can include punishments in which rewards can be removed. For example taking away the toy that was given to the dog when he performed the desired action.


Clicker Training


Clicker training is another training method that is used by the residential dog training centres in Ireland. It is also based on the same principles as that of positive reinforcement but the only difference is that under clicker training the dog is informed right on time when the desired behaviour ends or when the actions performed by the dog were not desired. All the trainers have to do is to press the button on the clicker, which will signal the dog through a sound when the desired behaviour is accomplished or achieved. With time the dog will be able to associate the sound of the clicker with the reward and he would know exactly when he has performed the desired behaviour.


Dog Intelligence Training is the Answer.


Dog Intelligence Training is not used by many centres in Ireland. Dog Intelligence Training method is the one in which the scientific elements of dog training are involved, which means that the trainer understands the needs of the breed of the dog they are about to train. The intelligence of the dog varies in terms of breed hence the same treatment and method cannot be applied to all types of the breed. Therefore, the breed should be studied in greater detail so that the training methods are devised accordingly. The trainer also performs different kinds of activities to test the intelligence of the dog so that the trainer knows at what pace the dog will learn the behaviour and action that the trainers want him to learn.


There are a lot of other training methods that are being used globally to train the dog but the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the idea that dogs need love and care. They should be treated like babies hence aggressive measures should not be applied to them. Aggression and violence would have a negative impact on them and it might have an impact on their thinking capabilities. Many types of research have been conducted which states that dogs that are treated with love and care tend to live more as compared to dogs who are exposed to negative forms of training or acts of aggression.

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