Training your Dog’s Obedience


Owning a dog can be quite fun but getting your dog to obey commands without prior training can be quite difficult, exhausting and can totally take away the fun part of owning a dog. However, there is hope because dogs can be trained. There are some simple commands which you can teach your dog to make sure he maintains a high level of obedience. An obedient dog makes for a great companion and as a dog owner, you definitely will enjoy owning a dog.

Do not forget, however, that the attention of puppies cannot be held for a long period of time. So to maintain your dog’s attention and reduce distractions, make sure training sessions are short in the beginning and with time, you can gradually the time spent training your dog.

An important fact to note is that you should not only be administering obedience training to your dog, you should also be teaching yourself how to interact with your dog. No matter the reason why you decided to own a dog, be it for exercise purposes, company or entertainment, there are certain ways your dog would be required to behave. These behaviours allow your dog to fit into the environment and often times, the mistake most dog owners make is expecting their dogs to know these proper behaviours by default. This is wrong and know how to train your dog is a skillset you need to be adept at.

There is a time to begin training your dog and it should start right from the moment you get your dog. Certain habits can be picked up dependent on the things you allow your dog get away with. So there should be rules before you bring your dog home. If you will not want your dog to sleep in your room, you should never even allow it at all.

Obedience training is dependent on two basic factors – your patience as the dog owner and a willing dog. To ensure the training sticks and is maintained, you should also have treats and rewards handy for every time the dog adheres to instructions. Make sure you have the proper training aids or equipment like lead, harness, clicker, etc.

Some of these obedience training methods are discussed as you continue to read this article:

  1. Sitobediencetrainingfordogs

This is one of the easiest obedience training to administer. When a dog adheres to the sit command, he has the potential to be an easy-to-control pet. For instance, you could teach your dog to sit when the doorbell rings. This will eliminate the possibility of jumping at visitors.

How to teach to sit?

  • Put yourself at the same level with the puppy either on the floor or right next to him on a chair.
  • Hold something to attract him close to his nose and move your hand up
  • He will move his head up to follow the treat while his butt lowers.
  • Once he is sitting down, put that thing or treat into his mouth and praise him for obeying.
  • Repeats several times within a day. Say the word “Sit” during the process.


  1. Come

This command works while dealing with dog behaviours that are annoying and can help keep your dog out of trouble. Should it happen that your dog gets out of the fenced yard, the come command can be used to call him back to order. This obedience training is one that will be useful for the rest of your dog’s life.

How to teach come?

  • Attach a light line to your dog’s collar.
  • Allow him to drag it around so he gets used to it.
  • Take the end of the light line and follow him around. This creates a sense of attachment between you and the dog. Get a treat, walk backwards and encourage him to follow you. say the word “come” while doing this.

Don’t yell in the process of doing this, if your dog does not obey right away, guide him gently and take him to where you want him to come. Do not use this command when you want to discipline your dog otherwise, he would associate the command with something negative.


  1. Stay

To ask a dog who is interested in doing other things to stay put in a spot could be hard and daunting. Like other obedience skills, the stay command can prove to be a lifesaver for your dog. The goal of this command is to make the dog understand that it has to be in a spot until it is told otherwise.

How to teach stay?

  • Use a leash on your dog while he sits calmly by your side.
  • Wave your palm and say “Stay”
  • If he moves, put him back to where he was. If he remains there, reward him with a treat for being obedient.
  • Do this many times within a day.


  1. Walk nicely on a leash

While holding your dog on a leash, if he does not lunge or pull at the end of the leash, this means that your dog is an obedient and well-mannered dog. A dog that walks calmly close to its owner will most likely be fearless in new situations or environments.

Already, your dog has mastered the basic commands such as come, and then what is left is to make him walk politely and gently while you walk him on a leash.

How to teach walk nicely on a leash?dogobediencetrainingleashpull

  • Attach the leash to his collar and say as happily as you can, “let’s go”.
  • Encourage him to move forward by patting your left leg. When he comes close, give him a treat.
  • When he moves too forward or behind, stop walking and let him exhaust the length of his leash. This will make him turn around and go in the direction you want him to.

Constant practice through dog-walking makes this obedience training work and your dog would be more likely to make walking on a leash a much easier activity to do.

Check out Agility Training for Dogs if you want your dog to be obedient.


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