Becoming A Dog Trainer

No one wants to have to clean up after a dog’s mess after a long day at work no matter how cute the puppy is. Teaching your dog how to potty early enough is the key to unlocking a happy scold and stress-free future together with nothing but enjoyable moments for the both of you. You certainly don’t want to own a dog that you cannot leave your friend’s because they will make a stinky mess of their place. That is how your favourite pet ends up homeless. It doesn’t have to be like that at all. This article will give you the basics of dog training from why you should do it to how to become a professional in Ireland.

Benefits of Training Your Dog

Dog training refers to the application of behaviour analysis using the environmental events of antecedents and consequences to change the behaviour of your dog. If that sounds too scientific, that is probably because it kind of is. It is a science people, teaching a dog trick can be a daunting task. You must be familiar with the saying about old dogs and new tricks. Well, it is not entirely impossible to teach your adult dog a trick, but it will take patience and understanding of what it is you are doing. In this article, we explore the benefits of training your dog.

Dog training could save your dog’s life

Each of us has at least witnessed if not have had that embarrassing moment when a dog with its owner are walking down the street then it suddenly bolts and starts to spin the owner or just blind jumps into traffic. This is risky for both you and your dog with no basic training to ignore distractions. Also, it is unlikely that your dog will run away if you leave the gate open because it is aware of the consequences of such actions. Also, if for one unfortunate reason or another you place your dog in a shelter or he ends up in a rescue centre then he has more chances to find a home with basic obedience training than with none.

You can go to almost any place or event with your dog

After going through dog training, your four-legged buddies can come with you to any place and event where dogs are allowed. You no longer have to leave them at home for fear that they will misbehave and embarrass you in front of important guests. You can also take your dog to parks and other public places where there are children playing without fear that your dog is going to bark or viciously attack anyone there.


Healthier relationship with the owner

When you train your dog, you give your relationship a beg help. You become more of a friend to your dog than the police. Every dog has their own character and what makes them tick. When you do more things together, you will be able to learn these things about your dog and motivate them to behave even better. Your dog also learns how to please you, and everyone goes home happy.

Make your dog safe for your kids

If you have kids, you know what it is like to worry when you leave your kids to play with their dog. Your kids will always want to play with your dog even when you are not there to keep an eye on them. What happens when the cut him loose and can’t get the dog to stay? Training your dog prepares them to be gentle with children and tolerant of them so it can be safer to leave your dog with your kids.

How to potty train a dog

It is not the easiest thing to do like in a snap but it is not outside the DIY wheelhouse either. Yes! With the right knowledge and a whole of patience and love for him, you can train your dog how to potty and save both of you a lot of trouble.

Even though every dog is different, there are three well tested and tried ways to go about training any puppy how to go. These methods namely; Crate training, frequent trips outdoors and paper training are some of the most effective methods although each of them has their pros and an underside too. Potty training is quite the process and consistency and positive reinforcement is the secret to successful training. Regardless of the training method, you choose to use to train your puppy, here are some tips to make sure that you are able to get this messy chapter behind you.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it

It is extremely important that you make a schedule for taking your dog out to go in the allowed area enough number of times a day. Normally you may have to take your puppy out maybe more than ten times in a full day with that chore being the last thing you do in the evening and the first thing in the morning. If you have to work then make sure that your dog sitter is following the same schedule. Puppies have a hard time controlling their bladders and urine practically flows right past their bladders and they cannot hold it for long so you should make sure that you give them time to go in the right place.

  • Keen observation and monitoring

You have to watch your puppy closely and understand what their tell signs are like scratching or whining so you know it is time. With time it is relatively easier to predict when the next call will be and make things easier for everyone. If you take too long and your puppy is confined in their cage, they will certainly make a mess of their space and assume its ok.

  • Control food uptake

What goes in eventually comes out! You will find that the amount of food and the rate of uptake will determine the frequency of nature calls for you little k9. Regulating the amount of drink late at night and making fixed feeding times will make it easier to know when to take you puppy out in time before they take a leak on your kitchen floor. Also, high-quality food that is good for your will not because of disastrous stomach upsets. If you notice bulky awfully stinky crapping then it may be time to see you vet about changing the puppy,s food.

  • Positive reinforcement

Shouting, hitting your dog or rubbing their poop in their face and other bizarre punishments do not really help to avoid recurrence of the messy incident. It is praising the dog for doing the right thing and even rewards them with a treat that makes them want to continue repeating the good behaviour. Say you catch you dog in the squatting position ready to take a dump in your living space, the correct thing to do is, of course, is to kick them and take them outside but remember to praise them for doing the right thing. If you are too late though, there is no use in torturing it out of them of trying to make them answer for their mistakes, they may hate you because they don’t understand why you are mad. Just clean up with a cleaning liquid that eliminates the odour.

There is no defined time that you can accept that your dog will have learned that there are places to go and places not to. It could be just a mere few days or weeks depending on the dog’s character and learning history as well as your training skills. Also worth noting is that some people are generally better at intuition with animals than others. You can only hope that your puppy is learning ready but you can increase you odds by only buying from responsible breeders.

How to become a dog trainer in Ireland.

Whether you are looking to train your own or your friend’s dog or you have always dreamed of pursuing the dog training career, becoming a dog trainer is one good way to save and make a decent amount money doing it for other people. Many owners are passionate about their pets and are looking for ways to improve the agility and obedience. It is not easy to understand dogs or train one successfully but it is not rocket science either. It takes some effort and patience to learn and get certified but once you do the financial incentive is also really good. That plus it is one of the most self-fulfilling jobs in the world and an interesting career too. Here are some steps that should guide you to choosing the right path to your career as a dog trainer in Ireland.

  • Do an intensive background research like you’re doing now
    • Read books on animal psychology and dog behaviour and dog training

When you want to learn how to train your own dog and reinforce good behaviour then you don’t need to go to dog training school. There is a boot load of information only and your local library about animal psychology which will help you better understand your dog’s behaviour. You can research the best reading materials on dogs from online communities and dog trainers associations like the APDT and read up extensively on the topic.

Secondly, you will want to go into the types of dog trainers and the possible career paths available to you. You can also familiarise yourself in the areas of specialisation in the field and have a rough idea of what you might like to be in case you ever got your certification as a dog trainer.

  • Observe you dog’s behaviour and compare to theory learnt

At this juncture, you are not actually going to be training the dog but just keenly observing the behaviours and learning to reorganise the cues that people who don’t understand a dog’s brain often miss.

  • Find apprenticeship

Next, you can gain some knowledge and experience working with different dogs by working with a certified dog trainer. You can even volunteer at your local shelter and spend some time with different dogs. If they have training program then that would be a great place to be volunteering so full of opportunities to learn.


  • Go to dog training school

When you decide to make it official, you can proceed to research dog training programs offered at institutions near you. Here you will get a deeper understanding of animal psychology and competence in handling and training dogs. It also shows how much effort you have put into your dream career and raises your pay grade. An important part of your training at the college of choice will be the internship where you will get attached to a commercial dog training firm and gain industrial experience.

  • Get a job as a dog trainer in Ireland.

Once you graduate as a professional dog trainer, you may seek employment in larger firms of you may opt to work under a freelance trainer until you have the experience it takes to start your own business and succeed. After a while, you will have the capital to pay for the start-up costs and the client base you need to make your business a big success.

Networking with friend and classmates is the best way to learn where there are openings so you apply for dog training jobs.

Final thoughts on how to become a dog trainer

A dog could make a very good companion and pet as well as a life saver or law enforcer as is the case with dogs for the blind and police dogs. Whether you want to train your dog to stop leaving a mess in your living space or you want to pursue the lucrative dog train career, it is an interesting topic that runs deep. While this is turning into a mini-course on house training a puppy, we barely scratched the surface. As you can see, it takes some dedication and effort to become a dog trainer. If you are lucky, your little k9 will learn the tricks soon enough. You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks, but most dogs can learn. Please try the tips and ideas we provided above and let us know what else works down below.


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