Hi, We are Mary and John from Chicago, USA, we are proud owners of 3 dogs ( a Huskie, German shepherd, and a pug).dogtrainingsheperd

Believe it or not, we were never dog lovers, in fact, we had a cat and once we adopted a huskie puppy there was a lot of trouble around the house, constant fights and behavioral issues.  All kind of bad things happening while we were out of the house.” Our Huskie was constantly tearing up the sofa, barking and chasing the cat around until we decided to study dog training and eventually become professional Dog Trainers about 6 years ago.

We now have well over 10 years of experience working with dogs in the United States and Ireland, but it wasn’t till About 4 years ago when we maximized our Potential and skill.

2013 is when we met & became friends with  Adrienne, who is a dog trainer specializing in improving Dogs intelligence, with her help we transformed our dogs into Geniuses.

Recently we moved to Dublin, Ireland, where we now run a Dog Grooming business and this very blog where we will share everything we know about Dog Training. We donate to dog charities monthly and we are here to provide amazing dog training information for the local audience.

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