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Our Journey..

Hi, We are Mary and John from Chicago, USA, we are proud owners of 3 dogs ( a Huskie, German shepherd, and a pug).

Believe it or not, we were never dog lovers,Online trading south africa in fact, we had a cat and once we adopted a huskie puppy there was a lot of trouble around the house, constant fights and behavioral issues. All kind of bad things happening while we were out of the house.” Our Huskie was constantly tearing up the sofa, barking and chasing the cat around until we decided to study dog training and eventually become professional Dog Trainers about 10 years ago.

We now have well over 10 years of experience working with dogs in the United States and Ireland, but it wasn’t till About 4 years ago when we maximized our Dog understanding and skill.

2013 – is when we became friends with Adrienne, who is a dog trainer specializing in improving Dogs intelligence, with her help we transformed our dogs into Geniuses with simple games and without breaking a sweat. Click here to learn more.

Recently we moved to Dublin, Ireland, where we now run a Dog Grooming business and we founded Dog Training Ireland this very blog where we will share everything we know about Dog Training.
We donate to dog charities monthly and we are here to provide amazing Residential dog training information for the local audience.

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Dog Training Method for your Dog?

With a spike of dog & puppy training methods all over Ireland, it could be a pretty hard task figuring out which dog training method is the best for your dog and puppy and even for you as the dog owner. It is however normal for deciding on the best dog training method to be overwhelming. As a matter of fact, the Dublin community of professional dog trainers seems to have been able to reach a general system one of the most effective dog training methods. Unfortunately, most common & popular training methods in Ireland are not the best methods of getting your dogs trained. The very best method of having your puppy/dog trained is through Intelligence training. This beats every dog trainer or any old method flying around all over and in this article, we will be discussing the different methods of dog training, setbacks associated with them & how Improving your dog’s intelligence is a clear winner.

  • Positive Reinforcement Training

reinforcement training for dogs

This amazing training method is one in which a reward accompanies your dog’s good behavior to make sure your dog continues to behave well. If your pet behaves in a less desired way, it does not get rewarded or even gets punished. Usually, Punishment is not in any way physical. It may be in form of withdrawal of certain treats and toys. The training method is all about getting the dog to get used to the idea of behaving properly and in return getting rewarded. Commands should also be quick and directly on point. E.g. Go, Sit, Come. For positive reinforcement to be effective, there has to be a level of maintained consistency and everyone that deals with the dog should use the same reward system and commands.

  • Alpha Dog Training or Dominance

The method is based on the natural instinct of a dog to have a pack alpha dog alpha dog training methodtraining method mentality and thus establish a relationship where dominance and submission are appropriated. Ideally, it is believed that the dog family act like a pack and they create a social hierarchy within themselves. Dogs see themselves as the alpha and in the same vein, they need to see humans as the alpha and should be trained and taught to respect humans. This way they will learn to obey you and be submissive too. There are different techniques used in achieving this and they include understanding the body language of your dog and giving the right response, walking on a leash, learning to wait while you open the door or prepare food. Using Alpha Training, there are certain restrictions that you must give to your dogs such as restricting the dog from getting on furniture or bed, you cannot stoop low to your dog’s eye level simply because you are dominant and in charge.
Although modern day dog trainers think this method is outdated, the great side to it, however, is that it is very effective in helping with bad behavior but given the turn of things in this modern age and times, this method leaves dogs fearful and scared of their owners which are not quite a desirable effect on pets.

  • Scientific Training Method

    dogscientifictrainingblogThis method of dog training is the one in which the dog has to be understood in relation to its nature, conditioning abilities and how effective rewards and punishments are. Animal behaviorists are carrying out various studies and research to properly understand dog psychology and it is the findings from these studies that dog trainers make use of to work with dogs. Dog’s Behavior needs to be understood for it to be corrected.
    Scientific dog training is understood to be quite broad and this makes it hard to point out a specific method on the way it works. A lot of other dog training methods are also adopted and basically, scientific method deals with a lot of research and staying updated on the latest information.

  • Electronic Method

    This method of training involves the use of an electric dog collar that sends electronic training for puppy and doga shock to the dog in a bid to correct it when it is not doing what is expected. It is used in distant training in the absence of a leash. A remote collar can be used when training dog for field work or hunting. For people who use a remote collar in training their dogs, they believe that the remote collar is preferable rather than for the dog to get choked or hurt by other mechanical devices.
    This method also has its own demerits, first of which is the fact that in a way, the dog is being punished for wrong behavior. This implies that instead of learning what it is supposed to be doing, it is learning what it isn’t supposed to do. This method of dog training can also cause stress and anxiety problems for the dog. Sometimes inexperienced dog owners make use of the device and can consequently be overused. This can bring about a great deal of physical and psychological pain for the dog.
    Electronic training may bring about expected results in dogs when used by pro dog trainers rather than inexperienced dog owners. There are other methods that do not bring a lot of pain and stress to dogs, and even if you must use an electronic device, make sure you get in touch with a professional on the best ways to use it while at the same time considering other dog training options.

  • Intelligence Training

    online dog trainingWhile many dog owners make the mistake of focusing strictly on physical training, even spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars hiring trainers and buying training programs, the one thing they tend to completely ignore is the importance of training their dog’s Intelligence.

We recommend checking out – Brain Training For Dogs. It’s an online course by our close friend Adrienne Farricelli who is a Professional Dog Trainer featured in USA Today and Everydog Magazine. Check Here.

brain training classes dogs


Contrary to all of the above-listed dog training methods which are either dog agility and obedienceineffective, outdated or just simply cruel to the dog and your pup physically and psychologically. A training method that beats the others hands down is Intelligence training which will improve your dogs intelligence, obedience, and agility.

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